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David Farland

David Farland

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Update for 2021

By golly 2020 was a crazy year! Not only did I live through a pandemic (which is not over as of this writing), a but an earthquake, windstorm that almost dropped a tree on my car, and a crazy election. Despite all that I have been able to get a lot of work done and start a lot of projects. My line up for this next year is as followed with an added idea of how far I am now.

Nightingale rewrite: 50% completed,
Runelords: “Tale of Tales” first draft–80% completed
Ravenspell Series (Of Mice and Magic) “S.W.A.R.M.”–first draft–0% completed (but prepping for it)

I have several obligations like editing and judging Writers of the Future that I have to complete before I can get to these projects, but I hope to start carving away here soon!

As always I am putting on workshops and teaching writing in various ways. If you would like to learn more about those you can visit for writing tips and workshops, or go to to find my writing community and all that entails. You can also find some of the events I will be at this year (assuming things calm down) on the events page here

See you all around sometime!

David Farland/Wolverton

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