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In the Company of Angels

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Book’s Description:

Best-seller and Winner of the Whitney Award for Best Novel of the Year!

In 1856, a forty-year-old mother of twins named Eliza Gadd set off with nine-year-old Bodil Mortensen and more than three hundred immigrants to cross the American wilderness. In a bold experiment, they hoped to pull everything they owned in handcarts.

They knew that they’d started far too late in the summer. They didn’t know that the natives had sworn to kill anyone who dared cross the prairie, or that they’d face blizzards and the coldest winter in history.

This is the epic story of hope and survival that has inspired millions for generations.

“Reading Farland’s book is not just an engrossing exposition. It is like being a member of the 1856 Willie Handcart Company…. Farland’s novel takes the reader into the characters’ heads to confront their fears, hopes, dreams and dark, unrelenting doubts.” -Deseret News

Based on the true story of the Willie Handcart Company of 1856, In the Company of Angels unfolds the triumphant tale of pioneers who struggle against unendurable hardships—persecution, buffalo stampedes, rampaging Indians, lingering starvation, and the early onset of the coldest winter in US history—to find the gentle homeland of the soul.

David Farland’s moving masterpiece echoes the drama of Gone with the Wind and the glory of Ghandi, sweeping from the green fields of Denmark to the icy peaks of the Rockies in a saga that elevates and enriches those that it touches.

In the Company of Angels is a beautifully written, powerful account of a perfect storm on dry land.” -Kenny Kemp, Author of Dad was a Carpenter

“This book is wonderful, a true masterpiece. Buy it now – but keep a hanky handy!” -LDS Forever Friends Book Nook

Both Eyes Open By David Farland
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Both Eyes Open By David Farland


 “A young man must find his way through a troubled world of death, magic, and gods. Journey with Odin in this incredible retelling of the All-Father’s origin as told by the ‘King of Fantasy’, New York Times best-selling author David Farland.”