Product: Wizardborn (Runelords, Book 3)

Wizardborn (Runelords, Book 3)

Product: Wizardborn (Runelords, Book 3)


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The complex story of the Prince Gaborn continues, with the Earth King, & his struggle to unite all humanity against a common enemy, the Reavers. Wizardborn picks up at the conclusion of Brotherhood of the Wolf and continues the story of the struggle of Gaborn, now the Earth King, who has lost his powers but continues to lead his people. He must still contend with the threat of the huge, inhuman Reavers, whose myriads Gaborn and his forces must now pursue across the nation. The Reaver horde is returning to the distant entrance to its underground world, the huge honeycombed lair from whence they issued in their thousands. It has become Gaborn’s fate to follow, even into the depths. Raj Ahtan, the great warlord endowed with the strength and qualities of thousands of men, once the primary threat to Gaborn, now struggles to retain his own empire. His war of conquest thwarted, his very life is now threatened by the Reaver thousands. And a young girl, Averan, who has eaten a Reaver and absorbed some of its memories, becomes a keystone in the search for the dark Reaver lair.

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