David Farland is an award-winning, international bestselling author with over 50 novels in print. He has won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for “Best Novel in the English Language” for his science fiction novel On My Way to Paradise, the Whitney Award for “Best Novel of the Year” for his historical novel In the Company of Angels, and many more awards for his work. He is best known for his New York Times bestselling fantasy series The Runelords.

Farland has written for major franchises such as Star Wars and The Mummy. He has worked in Hollywood greenlighting movies and doctoring scripts. He has been a movie producer, and he has even lived in China working as a screenwriter for a major fantasy film franchise.

As a writing instructor, Farland has mentored dozens who have gone on to staggering literary success, including such #1 New York Times Bestsellers as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven), Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight).

Farland judges L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future, one of the largest worldwide writing competitions for new fantasy and science fiction authors. The contest has helped discover and launch many authors into professional careers, with nearly 100 new science fiction and fantasy books released in just the last year. In the video game industry, he has been both a designer and a scripter and was the co-leader on the design team for StarCraft: Brood War. He set the Guinness World Record for the largest single-author, single-book signing.

David Farland has been hailed as “The wizard of storytelling” and his work has been called “compelling,” “engrossing,” “powerful,” “profound,” and “ultimately life-changing.”

As part of his dedication to helping other writers, David writes the David Farland’s #WritingTips, an email bulletin for writers. Many authors rave about how it has helped them. Out of devotion, he provides his #WritingTips for free. You can subscribe to David’s #WritingTips here.

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  1. Jesper Schmidt

    Hi David,

    Last week I bought your “Million Dollar Outline”. It was a very informative and strong book that helped me a lot.

    What I didn’t realize when I brought it as an audio book was that I would not be able to download the diagrams that was included in the book from somewhere. My bad, but I really hope you could help me out by emailing it to me or something? I very interested in seeing the standard plot chart you mention in chapter 22, about 20 minutes in.

    Thanks for a great book and hope you can help me out here?

    Best regards,

  2. Ekaterina Sazhina

    Добрый день, подскажите, пожалуйста, когда в России выйдет третья часть трилогии “Приключения мышонка Чароврана”? Моя дочка очень переживает, не может купить нигде эту книгу. А это самое любимое её произведение.

    1. David Farland Post author

      We have the book available in English. I don’t believe the third book was released in Russian, unfortunately. I am getting ready to write the rest of the series and hope to have them all in Russia eventually. I don’t know if your daughter knows English, but you can get them online in English.

      1. Christy

        Hi David!
        I was wondering how your 9th book A Tale of Tales was coming along? Just finished book 8, and am anxiously awaiting book 9!

  3. Kathy Holzapfel

    When I try to subscribe to your newsletter, I get this error message: “Too many subscribe attempts for this email address. Please try again in about 5 minutes. (#8418)” I’ve tried more than one email, and same response.I hope I didn’t break it! 😉 Really enjoy your posts on writing.

  4. andrea torres

    Holaaaa desde Chile…

    no he podido terminar su saga.. aca solo han llegado 2 libros Los señores de las Runas y la Hermandad del lobo.. como consigo los otros en español??? tengo un hijo de 16 años esperando los libros y nada.. no podemos conseguirlos..

    espero pueda ayudarnos, gracias.. muy buenos sus libros

    Andrea Torres

  5. Gerda

    I’ve been trying to register on your mystorydoctor.com website and I never get the emails so I can’t complete registration. Is the emailing broken?

  6. Deborah

    Hello. I just bought Of Mice and Magic for my 9-year old son. We think there are some typos in the book and they are making it difficult for him to read.

    On page 37 is says: Ben said, trying to sound calm and reasonable, and failing miserably. “Just _me human again.”
    On page 42 it says: “‘How _-etic,” the tick, Darwin said.

    What are those dashes? If they are errors, do you have other printed versions without them that we could replace this with?

    I purchased the book, and the third book in the series, through Amazon. They are paperbacks. We have a hard cover of book 2 we found at a used book store and my son liked it so much, I searched for the other books in the series for him.

    Thank you so much.

  7. Garry Hamlin

    Was an eight-volume set of the Runelords series ever published in hardcover? (Or is one intended when the 9th volume appears?) I know that all of the volumes are readily accessible on amazon. Was looking for a hardbound set. Wouldn’t have troubled you if I knew who to contact at the publisher.

  8. Garry Hamlin

    RE: Possible 8-Volume Hardbound Runelords set for sale…. I’m not clever enough by half to know how to send you my e-mail privately, but you can use this one I have for general correspondence: GarryHamlin@aol.com. Looking forward to seeing you at GenCon in Indianapolis this August. Didn’t know your name until I saw it in the Writer’s Symposium agenda, then while researching names I didn’t know picked up the eight-volume RL series off Amazon in used paperback and signed for your classes before completing the first volume. (Busily burrowing into the rest.) Hope to learn a lot from you. Thanks for responding.

  9. Deborah

    Hello David. Have you figured out what happened with this book and what I can do to resolve the issue? Should I return it and reorder? I purchased through Amazon.

    1. David Farland Post author

      We have someone who has been looking through the book. I’m going to ask her to send her notes to my assistant who will then see what we need to do next.

  10. Deborah

    Thank you so much. Would you please ask her to contact me directly rather than through this interface?

  11. MaryJane

    Hi David

    I just read Nightingale and loved it! I was looking to read the sequel, but could not find Dream Assasssin. Has is not come out yet? If not, do you know when it will be coming out?

    Looking forward to reading more of your books!

    1. David Farland Post author

      Hi MaryJane

      Glad you enjoyed Nightingale. Unfortunately Dream Assassin is not out yet. In fact, I still need to finish writing it. I don’t have a specific date yet. I had some events come up over the last few years that put me behind schedule.


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  19. Carol

    Hi! In all of your books on writing, you name-drop many other helpful authors’ books on writing. Do you happen to have a reading list compiled of all those recommendations? Thanks!

  20. Lou Agresta

    Hi David,

    My name is Lou Agresta. My first novel from Word Fire Press is due out at the beginning of 2016, and I recently bought (and gobbled down) “Million Dollar Outlines.” It’s one of the books I committed to consuming before moving on to the next story.

    You already knew this, but I want to say it regardless: your work and this book are excellent. I’m a fan, and “Million Dollar Outlines” has already improved my writing.

    But… (you knew that was coming)… But is there any way to see examples of the various diagrams referenced in the final chapter, Writing A Million Dollar Outline? I very much want to put your 10 Step process into practice, and visual samples would help immeasurably.

    Thanks in advance!

  21. BC Crow


    This year, I’ve been getting your emails. Through those, I’ve learned about and bought some of the books that you’ve recommended on there. I especially enjoy those dealing with writing. Though I’ve devoured several of your fictional books, also. I just have to say, that you are a treasure to the writing community. I really enjoy your work, and I look forward to each and every one of your emailed blog posts.

    I’ve also noticed that you occasionally refer to yourself as an editor and book doctor. I’ve been working with a great freelance editor on my books, but I’m always hungry for more help. Every book I write gets so much better, that I can’t help but going back and realizing how far I’ve come. So I’ve been revising my first stories, and will continue doing that for a few months, but I know I’ve got a lot to learn still. I want to keep advancing my storytelling skills, and I was wondering if you ever take on any freelance novel editing. I’d love to join one of your classes, but my circumstances right now prohibit it.

    I’m currently working on my 6th novel and am looking for another editor who might be able to expand what I’ve already learned over the last few years. I can’t think of anyone better than you. If this is something you’d be willing to do, I’d appreciate an email back. I don’t know what you might charge for this service, but I’d eager to know.

    Even if this isn’t a project you want to take on, thank you for your commitment and passion to the writing. Storytellers like you, make the world a better place!

  22. Morgan Smith

    Hi Mr. Farland,

    My name is Morgan Smith and I’m a technology student in Salt Lake City. I am also a passionate writer. I’ve had the luck to speak with you a couple of times at ComiCon SLC over the last couple of years.

    I’m currently doing research for my capstone project that’s coming up this year. I have a theory that the writing and publishing industry could use some improvements as far as software goes. I’m gathering opinions on the matter from those in the industry, and I’m hoping to get some thoughts from you.

    Ultimately I would love to create a website that caters solely to providing useful tools to authors, publishers, and editors, all in one place.

    Please let me know if that is a conversation you would be willing to have to help me out. Thank you very much for your time, and I’m hoping to see you at the next ComiCon in September if you’re there.

  23. plumage

    I love your emails. Your recent one, though, says that writers should all learn to type properly and I’d like to dispute that. My typing speed is quite adequate to keep up with my composition, but I also decided deliberately against learning to touch type. Holding your hands, for a long period of time, in the recommended stretched out position, is likely to lead to repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, something from which my mother and partner both now suffer. I also don’t use a physical mouse, just utilising the finger pad on my laptop, because holding your hand in a claw shape over the mouse causes similar problems (even in the ergonomic ones). When you type with fewer fingers, as I do, gliding your hands across the keyboard, they move in a much more natural way and are more relaxed. Admittedly, If you are a typist as a profession, you probably need to learn to type properly with all the inherent risks, but I’ve made a conscious decision never to do so.

  24. Matt Powers

    I recently purchased and read the Million Dollar Outlines book. I hear there are diagrams that go along with it, but that aren’t in the paperback version.

    Are these available somewhere for download? They’d be extremely helpful for better understanding David’s suggestions for outlining.


  25. Jennifer L Dodson

    Hi Mr. Farland, I just finished reading book eight of The Runelords. Spectacular, three of these are actually signed by you, albeit not to me. The first of the series is an advanced readers copy, someday I hope to actually purchase a hard copy of the first to complete this set. Thank you for the inspiring words you have written to my friend, they have inspired me as well.

  26. Nola Stam

    Thank you for being a great teacher! You might not remember me, but I took two classes from you a while back, one in Provo, the other in Saint George. My sister and I have just published our first book. (Fireworks fly, whistles blow) I sent the manuscript to “one more publisher and then I quit.” (I know, oh ye of little faith) We got the rejection letter that wasn’t and “Aspects of Love” is out in e-book and paperback by SynergEBooks! Thanks again.

  27. Steven

    Good Afternoon. I am new to your works having only just recently read “The Courtship of Princess Leia” in the Star Wars EU. Thoroughly entertaining, thank you. I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a signed first edition hardcover of this novel or if I could possibly send in a copy to be signed. If you ever appear for signings on the East Coast that would be great as well. I am an avid collector of such and would really appreciate the opportunity to add your work to my collection. Thank you and I look forward to your other works.

    1. David Farland Post author

      Yes, I have a nice collector’s copy–hardcover, I can personalize it,
      and it has a nice mylar cover. The book is $30, and if he is here in
      the US, I can ship it in a box for $5. So it would be $30 total. He
      can pay via PayPal to mystorydoctor@gmail.com, and I can ship it out
      next week. (I’m away from home until Saturday.)

      1. Steve

        Argh, I totally forgot to check back in a timely fashion. I am very interested in this if it is still available. PayPal is fine but just to clarify – you state the book is $30 and shipping is $5 for a $30 total. Now I know I’ve been out of school for awhile and they have completely changed math but those numbers seem just a skosh off, ha ha. Anyway please update me with the correct total and I’ll send the funds ASAP along with address and requested personalization. Thanks so much.

        1. David Farland Post author

          Yes, I’ve got a hardcopy that I can sign and personalize. The
          shipping in the US is $5, so it would be $35 total. You can send the
          money via PayPal, which is easiest, but I will need to know who to
          personalize it to and send it to. Email me at dwolvert@xmission.com.

  28. Sharla Jones

    My fiancée is a huge fan of your work. He reads and rereads several series constantly. We are planning to get married Christmas of 2018. I would like to know if I may send you an invite. I’m sure even if you can not attend (we live in Texas) it would be such a wonderful surprise for my husband to find out you had been invited. He checks every holiday to see if A Tale of Tales has been released via hardback, so a letter from his favorite writer would light up his Christmas just as much as our nuptials would! Please oh please send an address or email for an invite. Thank you, Sharla Jones

  29. Dirk

    Dear Mr. Wolverton,
    all the best wishes from Germany. I have been a fan of your fiction for many years – read the first book in German editions and started to buy the further ones in US. I have many of them and always wished to have them signed, but unfortunately you did not visit Germany (at least I did not notice). So I wanted to ask, is there a way to buy signed bookplates from you to get them into books? Or send you some to get them signed with back envelope and postage included?
    Best wishes and thanks for your writings

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  31. Arron

    Hello David

    First off, I love you Runelords series. I have been trying to find a Runelords Forum to no success but I remember that many many years ago there was an awesome Forum with tons of book discussions, a tourney system where you could win endowments, and even a simple RPG. But sadly it appears that site no longer exist, or at least I can not find it. The only place I can find discussions about the books in Reddit and those post are always people asking why you quit writing before the series was finished (I guess Authors are not allowed to have personal lives with real world problems), or people asking what is taking A Tale of Tales so long (clearly theses people didn’t grow up waiting for Jean Auel to finish her Clan of the Cave Bear series, personally I think they got spoiled growing up with Harry Potter getting a new book ever 1 to 2 years).

    So, my question is, do you know of any sites that you would recommend where your books are discussed in depth where I can post theories I have about the world of The Runelords? I suppose I could just post the theories here but that is not what this site is for and besides having an author on hand to say “Yes” or “No” about a theory kinda drains all the fun out of the debate, LOL.

  32. Zachary Howick

    Dear Mr. Farland,

    I am currently reading your Runelords series. I’ve had the book for two days an I am about done with the first volume. This has been the best fantasy novel I have read since discovering the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings when I was a small child. Is it possible to get a signed copy of The Runelords?

  33. Leo

    Hello David Farland. I’ve heard that you are the author of the Courtship of Princess Leia book. May I ask how the Hapan language words would be pronounced? Is pronouncing the Hapan words just as similar to the pronouncement of the English alphabet? I’ve come across the word “Miy’til” and I was wondering if it was pronounced *Me till*. I was hearing other people pronouncing it as *My till* to which I thought it might be incorrect.

  34. BOB

    Hi David,

    I love the runelords series and have been waiting a very long time for the last book.
    Could we get an estimate when this will be done?


  35. Rhonda

    I love the Runelord series and I just finished reading it for the 3rd time. The binding of the worlds is a great story line. I was so glad to hear that you are writing a 9th book. I have heard about your health problems and hope you are feeling better. I just wanted to say I am a huge fan.


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