Profile_bigKnown as the “Wizard of Storytelling,” writing sensation and author of fifty novels, David wrote short stories as a child and dreamed of growing up to become a fantasy writer. He gained experience in a number of career paths but never lost sight of his goals. Finally, after saving money for years, he decided to risk it all and go to Brigham Young University to study.

While there, he became ill and feverish and started having some fantastic dreams. In one such dream, two futuristic mercenaries were taking shelter in the skull of some giant beast while waiting out a rainstorm. His dreams became so vivid and lifelike that he had to put them in a story called “On My Way to Paradise.”

He entered it into the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest and won the grand prize for the year, the Gold Award. He was immediately contracted by Bantam Books to turn the short story into a novel of the same name, along with a contract to write two more books. The novel, My Way to Paradise spent several months on the Locus Science Fiction Best-seller list, and won a Phillip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for being one of the best science fiction novels of the year.

He wrote science fiction for ten years under his given name David Wolverton, during which he wrote several best sellers. After having mastered science fiction, David decided it was time to take another risk and try writing fantasy, hoping to realize his childhood dream. So as not to confuse his readers, he wrote his fantasies under the name David Farland.

He had to work hard to achieve notoriety in two genres, but eventually his fantasy books started hitting the New York Times Best Seller’s list, beginning with the third book of the Runelords series entitled Wizardborn.

He has not only achieved his childhood dream, but in doing so, became popular in two genres and has amassed many awards for his short fiction in particular, and set a Guinness Record for the world’s largest book signing–a record that he still holds. In 1991, David became a judge for one of the world’s largest writing contests, the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, and reads thousands of stories each year, editing an annual anthology, and teaches writing classes to new and experienced writers.

To date, David has written and edited fifty-plus published books. These include novels for adults, young adults, anthologies, middle-grade readers, and picture books.

Among his numerous other accomplishments, David eventually returned to BYU as a writing professor for several years. However when it got in the way of his writing, he ended that and decided to fill his need to share his knowledge by lecturing, giving workshops and seminars to those who would be writers. He is known for having taught many great emerging writers and has had a part in their success, including Stephanie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson and Eric Flint. In many cases it was his influence and words of wisdom that caused a new author to sell their first story. Now he has the privilege of helping other would-be writers to achieve their success. He says, “Nobody makes it alone. We each build on one another.”

As part of his dedication to helping other writers, David writes the David Farland’s #WritingTips, an email bulletin for writers. Many authors rave about how it has helped them. Out of devotion, he provides his #WritingTips for free. You can subscribe to David’s #WritingTips here.

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  1. Jesper Schmidt

    Hi David,

    Last week I bought your “Million Dollar Outline”. It was a very informative and strong book that helped me a lot.

    What I didn’t realize when I brought it as an audio book was that I would not be able to download the diagrams that was included in the book from somewhere. My bad, but I really hope you could help me out by emailing it to me or something? I very interested in seeing the standard plot chart you mention in chapter 22, about 20 minutes in.

    Thanks for a great book and hope you can help me out here?

    Best regards,

  2. Ekaterina Sazhina

    Добрый день, подскажите, пожалуйста, когда в России выйдет третья часть трилогии “Приключения мышонка Чароврана”? Моя дочка очень переживает, не может купить нигде эту книгу. А это самое любимое её произведение.

    1. David Farland Post author

      We have the book available in English. I don’t believe the third book was released in Russian, unfortunately. I am getting ready to write the rest of the series and hope to have them all in Russia eventually. I don’t know if your daughter knows English, but you can get them online in English.

  3. Kathy Holzapfel

    When I try to subscribe to your newsletter, I get this error message: “Too many subscribe attempts for this email address. Please try again in about 5 minutes. (#8418)” I’ve tried more than one email, and same response.I hope I didn’t break it! 😉 Really enjoy your posts on writing.

  4. andrea torres

    Holaaaa desde Chile…

    no he podido terminar su saga.. aca solo han llegado 2 libros Los señores de las Runas y la Hermandad del lobo.. como consigo los otros en español??? tengo un hijo de 16 años esperando los libros y nada.. no podemos conseguirlos..

    espero pueda ayudarnos, gracias.. muy buenos sus libros

    Andrea Torres

  5. Gerda

    I’ve been trying to register on your mystorydoctor.com website and I never get the emails so I can’t complete registration. Is the emailing broken?

  6. Deborah

    Hello. I just bought Of Mice and Magic for my 9-year old son. We think there are some typos in the book and they are making it difficult for him to read.

    On page 37 is says: Ben said, trying to sound calm and reasonable, and failing miserably. “Just _me human again.”
    On page 42 it says: “‘How _-etic,” the tick, Darwin said.

    What are those dashes? If they are errors, do you have other printed versions without them that we could replace this with?

    I purchased the book, and the third book in the series, through Amazon. They are paperbacks. We have a hard cover of book 2 we found at a used book store and my son liked it so much, I searched for the other books in the series for him.

    Thank you so much.

  7. Garry Hamlin

    Was an eight-volume set of the Runelords series ever published in hardcover? (Or is one intended when the 9th volume appears?) I know that all of the volumes are readily accessible on amazon. Was looking for a hardbound set. Wouldn’t have troubled you if I knew who to contact at the publisher.

  8. Garry Hamlin

    RE: Possible 8-Volume Hardbound Runelords set for sale…. I’m not clever enough by half to know how to send you my e-mail privately, but you can use this one I have for general correspondence: GarryHamlin@aol.com. Looking forward to seeing you at GenCon in Indianapolis this August. Didn’t know your name until I saw it in the Writer’s Symposium agenda, then while researching names I didn’t know picked up the eight-volume RL series off Amazon in used paperback and signed for your classes before completing the first volume. (Busily burrowing into the rest.) Hope to learn a lot from you. Thanks for responding.

  9. Deborah

    Hello David. Have you figured out what happened with this book and what I can do to resolve the issue? Should I return it and reorder? I purchased through Amazon.

    1. David Farland Post author

      We have someone who has been looking through the book. I’m going to ask her to send her notes to my assistant who will then see what we need to do next.

  10. Deborah

    Thank you so much. Would you please ask her to contact me directly rather than through this interface?


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