Holiday Sale Extended

Just reminding everyone that we are still having our sale on both live and online workshops. We’ve been hearing so many good things that we decided to extend it for at least another week! Get 25% off any workshop when you use code “Holidays”. Here are a few workshops you might be interested in:

Rewriting to Greatness (Online): This workshop is a great option if you participated in NaNoWriMo recently. In this workshop you’ll learn (or remember) why it’s so important to be your own editor. David will also cover four types of editing: acquisitions editing, content editing, line editing, and syllabic editing. Afterward, you’ll send the first 100 pages of your manuscript to David for feedback.

The Story Puzzle (Online): Start the new year right with a new novel. This workshop will help you brainstorm better. Let David share with you the most essential parts of setting, character, conflict, plot, theme, and style, and give you tips for brainstorming all of them. By the end of the course, you’ll be excited and ready to get writing.

Writing Enchanting Prose (Salt Lake, Utah): David Farland will teach you how to totally transport your readers so that they become so immersed in your story, they forget where they are–they forget they are reading at all. Writing Enchanting Prose is more in-depth than any of David’s past prose workshops.

Happy Holidays!

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