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About Of Mice and Magic

Questions answered by the Author

Why did you write “of Mice and Magic”?

 Dave: ” Well I originally came up with the idea while I was driving down the road one night. Going through my head was the idea of  “familiars”, supernatural beings that were thought to assist witches and sorcers with their magic, and I thought “wouldnt it be funny if the human was the familiar and the animal was the magic wielder” which gave me the basic idea of the book.

So, why did you choose mice for your main characters?

I chose mice for several reasons. But a few of the main ones are first, growing up in Oregon I encountered may mouse-like creatures. They always fascinated me with their cunning and swiftness. Second, mice are often thought of as the prey. In fact the idea of Ben turning into a mouse came from my son. You see, my daughter had a pet snake and every few weeks we would buy it a mouse to eat. My son hated this, and loved all types of rodents: hamsters, mice, rats, the likes. He disliked seeing the mice die, so he wanted to make a deal, any mouse that was not eaten in 48 hours he got to keep as a pet.

He saved a good 6 or 7 mice this way.

What do you expect for the rest of the series?

I am going to be writing several more of these book. I have always loved the atmosphere of a magic high school, which was setting of my first book I wrote at 17. In the next instalment I have set up Amber attending this magic school, where she will learn to use her powers to better be able to protect the world from the evil that learks in the darkness! 

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