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The Runelords

The Runelords The Sum of all Men by David Farland Book one

International bestselling fantasy series, The Runelords, takes you on an epic journey where people can become more than men and reimagined creatures threaten to destroy all.

Strength, metabolism, grace, sent, hearing, witt, and other “endowments” can be transferred through rituals giving the lord more power, while leaving the giver disabled. Prince Gaborn refuses to take his people’s endowments, but without them can he hold the Revers at bay? 


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David Farland is derivative of no one, yet he writes within a tradition that is as old as storytelling. The tale is set in heroic times, in a land glimpsed only from a distance, but serves only to clarify and magnify tales that are also true for us in our relentlessly unheroic times.
—Orson Scott Card, New York Times bestselling author of the Ender’s Saga.

David Farland is the single greatest discovery of my professional career!” —Algis Budrys

The world of fantasy has a new king. David Farland is already one of the best fantasy writers there has ever been!” —John Jarrold

The Runelords is a first-rate tale, an epic fantasy that more than delivers on its promise. Read it soon and treat yourself to an adventure you won’t forget.” —Terry Brooks, #1 New York Times Bestselling fantasy author

Not only is David Farland a international and New York Times bestselling fiction author. He’s also one of the world’s most prominent and highly sought-after writing instructors.

Over a hundred of his past students have gone on to win awards and become bestsellers.

He has helped train several #1 New York Times bestsellers including  Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner and more.

His writing advice is pertinent to a successful career in writing


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Welcome to a world where magic and adventure collide!

Neglected by his mom and forgotten by his friends, Ben just wants a pet … but his new mouse turns up with magical powers – and an attitude!

She changes Ben into a mouse, too, and forces him to join her on a crazy quest. But she’s not the only one with power!

Ben is a familiar, so powerful other magicians desperately want to control him, including Nightwing, an evil bat who wants to rule the world!.

Now Ben finds himself caught between two mages. His best hope is to join forces with a mouse who hates him, but Nightwing needs only to divide them to keep Ben from ever becoming human again.

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Series Description:

When GallenO’Day is hired as a bodyguard to escort a young woman through the woods to the forbidden ruins at Geata Na Chruinn, it seems like an ordinary job—but all too soon, he finds himself fleeing for his life from creatures that seem like escapees from a nightmare—the alien dronon, led by their golden queen. With his best friend, a genetically engineered talking bear named Orick, and his girlfriend Maggie, Gallen soon finds himself tangled in an interstellar war that he never knew existed, racing across a host of worlds, confronted by a future unlike any that he had ever imagined.

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Series Description:

Long ago Earth’s paleobiologists established the planet Anee as a vast storehouse of extinct species, each continent home to life forms of a different era. For a thousand years the starfarers’ great sea serpents formed a wall of teeth and flesh that protected Smilodon Bay from the ravaging dinosaurs that swam across the ocean from Hotland. Now the serpents are gone and Anee is being ravaged by tyranny, war and slavery.

Tull, son to a human father and a Neanderthal mother, feels doomed to toil his life away as a common field hand, but his mission becomes clear when he takes action to save his homeland. Tull must seek a distant river in the slave nation of Craal, where young serpents can be found. Legend has it that Adjonai, the Neanderthal god of terror, is king of Craal. Yet only by facing this dark enemy can Tull hope to bring home his serpent catch alive.

(Originally published under the name “Dave Wolverton”)

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Courtship of Princess Leia Description:

Seeking rich, powerful allies to bring into the Rebel Alliance and a new home planet for the refugees of her native Alderaan, Princess Leia considers a proposal that could tip the balance of power against the evil Empire. The Hapes Consortium of 63 worlds is ruled by the Queen Mother, who wants Leia to marry her son, the dashing and wealthy Prince Isolder. Han Solo has always dreamed of marrying Leia himself, and now he makes a desperate last gamble to win her back. Soon he, Isolder, Luke Skywalker and Artoo will be at the center of an adventure leading to an awesome treasure, a group of Force-trained “witches,” and a showdown with an invincible foe.

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Book’s Description:

In a world of ever-worsening crisis, Angelo Osic is an anomaly: a man who cares about others. One day he aids a stranger. . . and calls down disaster, for the woman called Tamara is also a woman on the run, the only human with the knowledge that will save Earth from the artificial intelligences plotting to overthrow it.
Fleeing the assassins who seek him as well as Tamara, Angelo seizes the only escape route available: to sign on as a mercenary with the Japanese Motoki Corporation in its genocidal war against the barbarian Yabajin. Jacked into training machines that simulate warfare, Angelo “dies” a hundred times. . .and is resurrected to fight again. In a world of death, he dreams only of life-and the freedom to love once more.

“I believe that this novel will be remembered as the first book by the finest science fiction writer of the 1990s. I suspect that we may someday look back on On My Way to Paradise as the first stirring of one of the great American writerse of our time. I know for a fact, however, that people who read science fiction because the want an exhilirating combination of intelligence and adventure will love every page of this book.”

Orson Scott Card, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

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Series Description:

David Farland is not only a NYT Best Selling Author, but the lead coordination judge for Writers of the Future, the largest sci-fiction and fantasy competition in the world.

As such Dave has dozens of short stories that have won numerous awards.

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Both Eyes Open By David Farland

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