New Upcoming Writing Workshops

David Farland announces two new life workshops!

Writers’ Peak–
When: Saturday, November 16
Where: Marriott Conference Center, Provo, Utah
Cost: $99.
Want to learn how to get writing fast and stay in creative focus? In this workshops we’ll help you resolve the most common reasons that people face writers’ block and give you some exercises to get you ready to write.

In this 1-day writers intensive course you learn to access and develop a set of skills designed to help you maintain and write great stories.

Your goal during this training will be to develop the necessary skills and rituals that are required if you want to become a super-productive story teller and writer. Where you can learn to complete multiple books per year and entice publishers and fans from all over the world.

What you’ll learn during this training is:

  • how to ground yourself so your writing becomes effortless
  • how to set compelling goals and milestones in your writing process
  • how to recognize and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors
  • how professional authors maintain productive mental and emotional states
  • how to control your motivation and direct it toward your writing
  • how to effectively tell your stories by understanding plots, characterization
  • And how to organize your time to produce bestselling results fast

Join us as we embark on this wonderfully adventurous journey of productivity. Where you have the opportunity only a true hero possess the courage to take.

This training is limited to 40 future story tellers only. You are encouraged to take notes and actively participate during your time with us.

Creating the Perfect Cast–(Master Level)

When: Thurs Feb 26-Sat Feb 29
Where: Provo, Utah TBA
Cost: $449

Many authors and screenwriters will tell you that “character is 
everything.” You can’t write a great novel without creating compelling and explosive characters. They’re right.

But the main character in your novel doesn’t exist in isolation. The protagonist typically has to deal with antagonists, mentors, love 
interests, sidekicks, countercultures, natural forces and more—while he or she deals with their own inadequacies and tendencies toward self-sabotage.

In “Creating the Perfect Cast” workshop, you’ll learn how to make your story compelling by creating a powerful cast of characters that are intriguing, dynamic, and thrilling to watch. We’ll be taking lessons from Shakespeare on down to modern-day critics like Michael Hague and Robert McKee.

In this class, you’ll learn specifically how to
•       Build characters that intrigue your reader
•       Devise characters that we either love, or love to hate
•       Recognize the various roles that certain types of characters play in your novel, and then figure out how to adapt these characters to suit your novel.
•       Create tension by creating storylines that better exploit your 
character’s personality
•       Make sure that your cast isn’t too lean or bloated
And much more.

When: Thursday, Feb 27 through Saturday Feb 29, 2020
Where: Provo, Utah
Price per student: $449
We will start daily at 9:00 A.M. and go until 5:00 P.M.

Please bring a laptop and an idea for a novel to work on. We will be doing daily writing exercises, have daily lectures, and we will be critiquing your work and the work of other students. There will be a maximum of 16 students in the class.

Please note that registering for this class will get you free access to my online Advanced Story Puzzle workshop and will get you an electronic novel of my upcoming writing book, “Casting Your Novel”.

You can register for both classes at my other website

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