Update on A Tale Of Tales

I’m working on the novel, but had a list of nasty health problems in the past few months–a couple of bouts of pneumonia, sepsis, and a heart attack, so I’m still trying to get back on my feet.

I’m also working on a Runelords screenplay right now that would be used for a television series, and we are checking into that.

12 thoughts on “Update on A Tale Of Tales

  1. James

    That is great! I’ve always talked about the Rune Lords should be a series of movies. A tv series is the next best thing and which hopefully will lead to a movie. Please try and get a company that has the money to spend because the amount of special affects. Of course, I’m sure that you know that already. Good luck with getting everything started and know that your Rune Lords series is my favorite book series. I’ve read them several times over. In the past I’ve read all the books in the series before reading the new book so you can see what i mean. Of course i have had to reread the series every couple of years…just waiting on the next book!

    Have a great day!

  2. Tina Estes

    I LOVE this series and would be the first person to purchase the final book if it’s in your plans! Thanks for the great reads, the 3am “just one more chapter”s and the emotional connection to the characters.

  3. Marcelo

    It’s probably been fifteen years since I first read The Sum of All Men; that and every book after has brought me so much joy and wonder. I’m excited by the prospect of a film adaptation and another book, but I think all your readers would agree that we want you to focus on your health most importantly.

    Much love from Philadelphia,


  4. colin keogh

    hope you heath improves! I am eagerly awaiting your new book, your books are works of art and add color and magic to a sometimes dull world.

  5. Natasha

    I will definitely be purchasing A tale of tales once it’s out. My significant other is a huge fan and I definitely want this to be a precious gift for him to receive. I hope your health improves, best of luck!

  6. Tracy

    I have read the whole series twice and would read a third time. It’s my favourite series of books. Any updates on book 9?

  7. Brandon Connaughton

    I am happy you are still working on this. The Runelords has been one of my favorite series for a long time. They represent such a deeper dialog in ideas of philosophy compared to the dull everyday things. That is what I believe sets you apart as an author. You have even been a huge influence on my own ideas as a writer. Thank you for all you have done from Runelords, Golden Queen, and stories like On My Way to Paradise.

    I have always thought the Anime style would suit your work best. Id love to see Akira Toriyama (Dragonball) adapt the Runelords.

  8. Sharla Berck

    Thank you for the update, I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues! I look forward to adding this story to our finish our collection.

  9. Jim Carr

    Get well soon Mr Farland. Your fans are pulling and praying for you! Looking forward to the last book but DONT push it. Your health is priority 1…

  10. David

    As with all the other comments I would really like to see the concluding last book. Whilst I enjoyed watching Game of Thrones by you know who I was really annoyed that having purchased all the earlier books these ceased due to work on the screenplay.
    Also a big fan of Terry Brooks and the Shannara series which was also televised and produced on DVD but so far only lasted two DVD’s.
    Likewise I hope your health is now much improved – something we all take for granted!


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