Recent Illness and A TALE OF TALES

I recently became quite ill with sepsis after some minor surgery, so I spent a few days in September in the hospital. That pretty much halted my writing for a few weeks, other than some brainstorming, and I’ve recovered from the illness and am now trying to simultaneously get a lot of work done and take it easy at the same time.

I’ll be heading to Fiji to do some research on an upcoming book, and will be back on November 15th. I probably can’t get much writing done between now and then, but am very eager to push forward on A TALE OF TALES so that I can finish it soon.

5 thoughts on “Recent Illness and A TALE OF TALES

  1. james van metre

    Sepsis sucks! The same thing has happened to one of my family members in the past…minor surgery then life threatening situations.

    I thought I’d let you know that the Runelords are my favorite book series! I’ve read them all several times and since it’s been a couple years I’ll read them all again to get myself ready for the next book . I am looking forward to the ninth book release needless to say.

    Runelords would be huge as an epic movie series.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Connor Newton

    Hoping you have had a moment of peace to take the time to write more of the 9th book. I have read and re-read your series, more times than I can count. I look forward to the possible release, crossing my fingers for 2019 to be the big year. Most importantly I’m looking forward to finishing an amazing series I’ve been enjoying since childhood.

  3. Dean Barney

    I’m a long time fan of your Runelord Series and I know the last book of the series will be well worth the wait. I hope all is well for you on your home front. On behalf of all of the Runelords fans, we are waiting eager and patient for the next installment.

  4. XLander

    I know this series has been a life’s journey for you. As you spin a fiction. If I have perceived the right pieces about you in the bread crumbs. I will once again impolore you to finish. I am nearly certain your belief system is the same as what, was in my neighborhood I grew up in. I believe you may have even eluded to feeling like you are guilty from having drawn warship. To top that off, life and all of the things important to you that were hard to bear. Not to mention insensitive pricks and their words here long since washed I hope.

    So here are my thoughts from me to you at this point. Maybe you are right. Maybe you aren’t, it isn’t for us to know or decide. I would venture a guess that with the right influence you’re a profit. You have been given trials that you didn’t realize. I know they hurt the most and maybe even made you jaded.

    To all that, that entails that isn’t fiction. I say this.

    What if you are right? What if you created a fiction that did drew from… A piece of you that became aware of that, would tell you that you should not finish because if this. Maybe even an outside (of you) influence wife, or brother, or sister. That doesn’t mean you did wrong. At least as far as the 7 levels are concerned. (Remember we are placed where we belong to are to a place of discomfort is illogical.)

    I would actually say that not finishing is even more of a distraction. Some of those that were engulfed in your fiction. Did indeed get trapped. They have awaited your words for many years. So many I cannot actually recall when the story began. Only that it did not end.

    So I would ask. In the spirit of closure for the trapped. Please, finish your fiction. Make it a close ended story. Let those caught in your web free. Such that they may return to the reality and spirit that have known.

    After that may I suggest a deeper look into the profit side of this equation?

  5. XLander

    Edits because the tiny box is hard to read. *Remember we are placed where we belong to =aspire= to a place of discomfort is illogical.)

    *Such that they may return to the reality and spirit they have known.


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