The First Draft of A Tale of Tales is 50% Complete

I’ve written 502 pages of the last book in the Runelords series, and think it will be around 1,000 pages. I’m glad that I now have more time to write after wrapping up several large projects, and will be sharing progress updates every two weeks.

26 thoughts on “The First Draft of A Tale of Tales is 50% Complete

      1. Brad

        Please tell me you will be releasing it in hard copy as well. All I ever see is audio and mp3, I have the first 8 in hardcopy and it would be extremely disappointing as it’s something I’d like to keep around that my kids would enjoy.

        Is there an anticipated release date?

  1. Collette Peden

    Hi, really sorry but i am confused, i seem to have been trying to buy a Tale of Tales for a long time now, have seen it advertised,and am almost certain i saw a copy in the UK years ago but every time I try to buy, get told it’s out of print. Been mentally kicking myself for not buying it at the time. Just seen your comments now about it only being half written. Are there two versions?? The book cover i have seen is different to the one above.

    Kind Regards

    Collette ( 😂

    1. David Farland

      Hi Collette,

      The book has not been published. These are errors. My son was in a life-threatening accident several years ago, which affected my ability to complete the manuscript. I am still working on it.

      1. Collette Peden

        thank you for replying, really sorry to hear about your son, I sincerely hope things are better now. I look forward to the book being issued in the UK.



  2. Edgar

    Glad to see you are back at it again. I’ve been trying to guess how you are going to finish the story. Can’t wait to see if I’m on target. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  3. Brad

    Will it also be released in hard copy as that is how I purchased the first 8 and would be nice to keep around for my kids.

  4. Michael

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Thank you for the creative works of books 1-8. I find Runelords to be captivating and highly enjoyable. I hope things come together for you well and that you are happy with how it wraps up! I can’t wait!

  5. Franck Coffinet

    Sry for my poor english
    I’m really sry sorry for what happened to your son and also glad for you you found the envy of finishing your amazing story
    Take care

  6. George Biss

    Hi David I saw that you said You will be sharing progress updates every two weeks , where do we go to see updates of a Tale of Tales. Thanx in advance Love your Books.

  7. Rick Feldman

    David I hope your son is doing well. I can only assume that is the case now that you are finishing the series. Looking forward to reading the end of the series.

  8. Carl

    Hi David,

    I am an enormous fan of your work and am just rereading the Runelord series though can’t actually tell you how many times I’ve read through your work… I might have lost count!

    Any chance you could update on here how you are getting on with it since your original post in July?

    Kind Regards


  9. Natasha

    Hello, My boyfriend loves your The Runelords series. It’s the first book series he always suggest others to read. I have started reading it myself and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. I have subscribed to your website and I am looking forward to when the story is finished. I plan to buy it as a surprise gift for him. (I’m also collecting the series for myself.) He’s been very expressive about how he wants to make sure he can finish his The Runelords collection. Keep up the good work! Success often comes with struggles and you have many fans that still find your stories inspirational and can’t wait for the rest!

  10. Steve

    I haven’t seen an update on Tale of Tales for a while. Is this still in progress or has it been “shelved” . ( pun intended)

  11. amin srour

    Hi. Not to sound impatient but it’s been long time since your last update on the final book of the series. I’m just wondering how it’s coming along.


  12. Steve

    How come you have time to post a weekly blog bit can’t take 5 minutes to give your loyal fans an update on the status of this book?

    1. Kenny Campbell

      David, I just came across your health problems (pneumonia, heart attack!! ). I’m very sorry to hear about this. I love your books and your writing is excellent! I started reading the Runelords series way back in the beginning. It is highly original and the characters are deep and fleshed out. Well done! I hope you get well soon. I know your first draft was 50% completed in 2018. Are you progressing any further? The other great recent fantasy series was Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time”. I was devastated when he passed away. I don’t want you doing the same thing!! Lol. So, get better and do what you need to do with you’re writing. I know writing is not on a schedule. Do your best.
      Thank You,
      Kenny Campbell


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