Writers of the Future Contest and Anthology

As many of you know, I’m a judge for Writers of the Future, the largest science fiction and fantasy short story contest for new writers in the world. Each year, the winning stories are published in the Writers of the Future anthology. Last week I mentioned the anthology, and the good news is that it was able to hit some bestseller lists!

We want to continue this momentum today and throughout the week. The Writers of the Future anthology contains the best science fiction and fantasy stories of up-and-coming writers today. Here is some info about this year’s book:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology and Advice to Writers 2016

You are about to meet:


The 32nd edition of Writers of the Future may be the best new book yet! Brand new adventure through space, time and possibility.

These new authors will introduce you to fascinating characters such as Nate, a very loyal companion—like most werewolves would be. Keanie has a parasite that lets her morph and transform into anyone. Liz owns a dinosaur maker, but raw ingredients can be a problem. Anna slaves away in a factory but her magic leaves her unfulfilled. These authors take creative writing to a whole new level!

The answers, the stories, the visions, and the mind-stretching possibilities are all waiting inside.

Welcome to the future of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It gets better every year. These are the award winning short stories of the international contest that have launched the writing careers of some of the best new books!

BONUS stories and articles on how to write by New York Times best sellers Tim Powers, Sean Williams, Brandon Sanderson, Sergey Poyarkov & L. Ron Hubbard

You can pick up the anthology or read reviews about it here. Help us push it higher on the bestseller lists and purchase a copy this week or share the anthology on your social media outlets.

8 thoughts on “Writers of the Future Contest and Anthology

  1. john

    David would my humble book The OAM virus. Armageddon qualify, it is only a short story, and available from Kindle Amazon books. Author John R. Smith/Chris Fieldwater. I was given a challenge to write an exciting novel about the last days from the Book of Revelations, (A difficult subject to face) It was intended to reach the younger generation and bring the Bible alive and to give them an opportunity of discussing their faith within schools and friends.

    I decided to write in Sci-Fi format and based the short story upon the space race, and Virgin reach the goal of having a craft travel to Mars and return. Only they bring back a virus, and it instigates the fall of man kind and the last days. Armageddon.

    Later the lead character reveals her faith and I have tried to help the youth to relate to this character.

    Regards John R. Smith. Pen name was Chris Fieldwater. Web sites: http://www.chrisfieldwater.com and my main site which I have had for years http://www.suchlove@live.co.uk

  2. Bre

    David, a few years ago I accepted a challenge for anothercontest you were associated with, India Press, where you invited the writers to write in your Nightengale universe, present, past or future, and use your characters. Mine was set as a future story, using two of your characters. No winner was ever selected. I would like to submit the story to the Writers of the Future contest. Would I have to remove all reference to your universe and characters?

    1. David Farland Post author

      Actually, for that contest on the Nightingale story, we did select
      (and publish) the two winning stories.

      But, there were a lot of very good stories, and if you would like to
      try yours in the Writers of the Future, you are welcome to do so.
      However, you would need to change it, so that it doesn’t reference
      NIGHINTGALE or its characters.

      1. Bre

        I saw where the 2011 winner was selected. I entered in 2012. Was a winner selected for that one. It does not show on East India Press’ website.

        1. David Farland Post author

          Hi Bre,

          We called them 2011 winners because that’s when the book was first publish and the contest opened up, but that was the only contest. I apologize for any confusion.

    1. David Farland Post author

      It’s uncommon for stories that short to win, but we do consider them. Usually a well-written story that’s longer tells a more rich and complex story, and that can be hard for a short short to compete with. But there is nothing to lose in submitting.


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