Dave’s NaNo-ing – Are You?

This month Dave’s buckling down and working on the last novel in the Runelords series, The Tale of Tales. He’ll be sharing the occasional update, so keep us posted on your progress as well. So far, Dave’s well over 600 pages into this book and he hopes to finish it up this month.

If you’re into NaNoWriMo too, you might want to check out this awesome StoryBundle, Dave’s Million Dollar Book Signings is included. You can buy it at your own price at Storybundle.com/nano

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Happy National Novel Writing Month!


5 thoughts on “Dave’s NaNo-ing – Are You?

  1. Michael

    I am very excited knowing that work on his book continues. Its a book I have been waiting for. I recommend the Runelords series to anyone who reads fantasy!

  2. Charles

    Very excited for this book to come out. Got and E-mail from David a few months ago saying he was working on it but knowing he is well into it makes me antsy. My favorite series of all time is finally coming to a close and I am sure it will be well worth the wait. I believe that this is the first complete series (well as complete as it is to this point :D) that I ever purchased with my own money as youngin.


    when will the book the tale of tales be released? I own the whole series in hardback, and have read it 3-4 times, need the last one.


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