Are You Interested in Writing?


Dave teaches, too! In fact, he loves to teach, so check out his site for all the latest and greatest he has to offer students of all levels.

As a college student studying pre-medical microbiology, David Farland was torn. He also wanted to be a writer. Eventually, the desire to write became too overwhelming and he gave in. Today Dave shares his knowledge and expertise with writers around the world through his #WritingTip articles, books on writing and various online and live lectures and workshops.

Seeing his students take their own stories to greatness has become one of Dave’s greatest joys in life. Not only does he love sharing the lessons he’s learned from a lifetime of empirical study, he excels at diagnosing story problems and prescribing the right course of treatment for ultimate success.

About his life, Dave says, “I seem to have become a writer who now works as a doctor on the side—a story doctor.”

Dave dedicates a lot of his time to teaching aspiring writers at his site There you can take online workshops, watch lectures, enroll in live workshops and more.


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